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Cooking a different kind of dish

12 Feb 2019

Hello lovely people,  forgive the silence on our page but we've got exciting news to share as we look forward to welcoming a new member of our family! 

I've had to take a break to cook this special bun in the oven making it impossible to create the Ghanaian kitchen magic I've so enjoyed bringing to your taste buds these past few months. 

But make no mistake, my mind has been buzzing with new menu items and though I'm gutted for not being able to bring you the spectacular Christmas event we had on the drawing board, do look forward to our events we confidently hope to begin in June of this year!

 It's been so refreshing and encouraging reading and receiving your enquiries about when our next pop-up is due and trust me it will be worth the wait!!!!

Keep sending in your enquiries, questions and feedback, they mean a lot to us! 

And if there's anything you would like to try next on our menu let us know that too!

PS If you've sent us an email and haven't heard from us yet, kindly give us a few more days as we try to catch up and answer all our emails. 


Anida xxx

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