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The Ghanaian Pot


Ghanaian Fusion Food

Hi! I am a Ghanaian Mum who loves to cook for my family...


I enjoy putting together the multiple flavours of Ghanaian cuisine as it is so diverse! Everything from luscious stews and soups paired with unique sides to a variety of canapés and a delectable range of desserts, there's always something I can whip up to meet the requirements of the day, be it spicy, sweet or everything in between!

I have shared our home cooked meals with close family and friends on the odd occasion and since they enjoyed it as we do, here we are, sharing our food and our hearts with you!

I hope you can join us at The Ghanaian Pot to share in our love of good food, music and fun and when you do come around,  don’t forget to say hello!



Cooked with

At The Ghanaian Pot , we are passionate about serving truly authentic, home cooked Ghanaian meals with a sometimes cheeky twist.

Every Ghanaian kitchen has a special way of creating the kaleidoscope of flavours that is Ghanaian cuisine, and we pride ourselves on our 'soronko' (special) flavour!


Prepared with traditional

We use the finest and freshest ingredients to ensure that what we serve is of  optimum grade and quality bringing you back for more!

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